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An Egg is Quiet

This beautifully crafted book (written by Dianna Aston and illustrated by Sylvia Long) educates about all kinds of eggs with gorgeous pictures and fascinating facts. The education is done so artfully, you don’t even know you’re being taught.

“An Egg is Quiet” captures the hushed awe of these exquisite vessels of life. Young and old alike will pore over the illustrations with delight!

Book Reviews

Love Monster

Love Monster by Rachel Bright is a delight to read aloud. It tells the story of a decidedly uncute, unfluffy monster who just wants someone to love him as he is (googly-eyed and all). His search takes him ‘high, low, and middle-ish’ as we go along the journey with him.

At some point, everyone feels left out and insecure. This story gives hope that somehow, somewhere we will find someone who will love us just the way we are. The illustrations are delightfully colorful with just the right amount of detail. Pre-schoolers will love pointing out the colors of the cute fluffy animals, and sighing “poor monster” along with the reader.