Writer’s Block Therapy – A Poem

Writer’s Block Therapy:

There’s a cure for what ails you

It’s not hopeless, not ever

Reconnect with your muse

Write that opus …whatever

We guarantee, you’ll never forget

Hit a blank in your prose or ever fret

For the elusive stanza

That vital arc

The hiding allusion

Your creative spark

It’s locked inside you

You just need the key

We’ll help you find it

For ‘almost’ free

We’ll fix you in a jiffy

And grease your gills

Summon your voice

No fuss, just frills

You’ll feel inspired

And write like a dream

Throw out the curdles

And keep the cream

It’s ever so easy

The cost is so low

Get your Mastercard ready

And don’t be slow

Inspiration is just a click away.