Threads of experience 

Interconnected slivers  

Glide and ripple  

Along life’s rivers 

Faith in my loving Creator 

Hope profoundly deep 

Dedication at thirteen 

A promise I strive to keep 

Peaks and valleys  

Punctuated with golds 

Triumphs and disappointments 

Layered, as life unfolds 

Family ties vary greatly  

Some tenacious, some not so strong 

With those with whom we marry  

To those to whom we belong 

Stepdads and moms 

Brothers, sisters, nieces 

Merging together gamely 

But then torn to pieces 

Human relations 

Consistently ranging 

Ruptured then mended 

Invariably messy, ever changing 

Dark emotion buried  

Stiffly knotted, tied ever so tight 

Deep blue in the warp string 

Holding on with all its might 

Bible study sessions 

Foreign language lessons 

Gorgeous shoe obsessions 

Too many possessions 

Lasagna making 

Chicken baking 

Classes taking 

Ground breaking 

Built our house 

Hubby and me 

Horizontal siding 

Purple salvia, green tree 

Stay up too late 

Sleep less than ideal 

Please don’t berate 

How unraveled I feel 

Body image is freckly pale 

Thick, thin, then thicker still 

Volume undulating like ocean waves 

Tides rising against my will 

Teaching, learning 

Reaching, yearning 

Sliver strands brush dishwater blond 

Wrinkles, crinkles, not so fond 

Mostly busy 

Doing two things at once 

Health is slipping  

Not so much bounce 

Some threads are sad and sickly 

Others richly full 

Some parts exciting 

Others exceedingly dull 

Colors vivid 

Colors dark 

Sometimes faded 

Yet has that spark