What weather we’ve been experiencing these past few weeks! A complete solar eclipse in Oregon. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, Maria with 100+ mph winds cutting destructive paths through Texas, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Dominica, Cuba, Florida and other islands and states. Hazy skies and spectacular sunsets due to dozens of forest fires. Two major earthquakes in Mexico flattening major buildings and killing hundreds. Record-breaking heat wave with a near or over 100ยบ temperatures in one of the most temperate regions of the Northwest. Lightning, thunder and tropical rain in air that felt like hot breath here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

While mostly dangerous and scary, some of the weather was fun. I joined my sister, nieces, great-nieces and nephew to experience the solar eclipse near Olympia Washington. While it wasn’t a complete eclipse, it was near enough that we were able to feel the drop in temperature, experience the gradual sunlight dimming, hear the silence as birds went to their roosts, see shadows alter as they reflected the crescent shape of the eclipse, and feel the breeze as the moon moved across the sun in the late morning hours of Monday, August 21, 2017. We wore our commemorative solar glasses; did an eclipse art project involving two plates, hole punches, finger paint and a bit of yarn; ate our eggs sunnyside up with blueberry pancakes (big pancake on the bottom, fried egg in middle, yolk-sized pancake on top) for breakfast; and enjoyed banana slices topped with half purple grapes, Starburst and Milky Way candies as our eclipse-watching snacks.

Where were you and what did you experience this last solar eclipse?