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A is for Action!

Went to the Golden Gate Conference of (Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators) at Asilomar in Pacific Grove this last weekend. Met lots of wonderful people, read and purchased delightful children’s books, and was part of a critique group.  My newest book in the works…is an ABC book full of VERBS! Received some good feedback that my A-J was fun and worked, but K-W needed some sprucing up and more visual images. I’ve taken the advice to heart. Here are a few of my re-worked letters:

O is for ogling an ostrich and offending an ocelot

P is for preening and posing and petting A LOT

Q is for quieting a quack and quelling a quip

R is for raising a ruckus and rending a rip


Anna Borenstein, Becky Levine & Tuky Reyes, thanks so much for your feedback!

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