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The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood

I met Deborah Underwood at the SCBWI Golden Gate Conference this year in Asilomar and purchased her endearing book: The Quiet Book. There are so many different kinds of quiet and she captures them beautifully and succinctly. This Sunday, I was at Books, Inc. doing a reading of my book Spring for Children’s Storytime and afterwards, a woman was scanning the shelves with a couple of board books in her hands, looking defeated.

I asked her what sort of book she was looking for and she said ‘I’m attending a baby shower and they wanted books instead of cards. I want a sturdy book for the baby, but none of these seem quite right. They’re having a little girl.’ She had two brightly colored board books, one about trucks. I suggested this book, opened it up and read it to her. She smiled, took it from my hand and said: “This is perfect.”

It can’t get better than that.



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