January 26, 2021 Poem

Right Turn Only

What if you could only turn right?

If left wasn’t an option?

Would you fuss and fume?

Curse the rules, refuse adoption?

Would you kick and scream, ”unfair…unfair”?

Pout due to fewer options from “here to there”?

Or would you just dig in and begin your “going”?

Adapt your map? Make allowances? Stop moaning?

See it as an opportunity for adventure or fun?

Look on the bright side, be creative and run?

Sometimes options are limited, threadbare or scarce

Roads will be narrow, bumpy or worse

But travel we must on this road through life.

So, make your turns wisely.

Avoid bitterness and strife.

Reject the unlawful and soon you’ll see.

Things will work out.

 Go right! Yippee!

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