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You’ve heard all about my picture book “Spring”, maybe even read and/or purchased it. Would you like to know about my NEXT book???? Two picture books in the works:

  • “Armadillos Amble” (an ABC book with animals doing things matching their letters – a poem that makes kids giggle while they learn).
  • “ABC Zoo” (an alliteration using two words per letter in alphabetical order, with fun illustrations).

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Children's picture book


The other day I taught a poetry class at the Young Writer’s Club at the Portola Valley Library. I asked the students to pick a color and describe it with all of their senses. These were children ranging from first grade to fifth grade and they came up with amazing poems. One did an acrostic, another described blue in terms of a velvety dress, another described the taste of green as ‘rainwater’, another picked smooth stones and water as her metaphors. Just delicious! Here’s what I came up with for the color “red”…


Luscious lips lick candy apple

Crunchy, crispy, lip-smacking

Cinnamon, gumdrops, tomato juice

Smooth, silky, sticky, hot

Strawberries in sunshine

Chili peppers in salsa


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San Francisco Writers Conference

I’ve just finished my first day at the 13th SF Writers Conference up at the Mark Hopkins Hotel. What a whirlwind of instruction! ¬†Among many other things, we were coached on the finer points of pitches (we’re not talking baseball here) and given honest feedback by agents willing to hurt feelings for our good.

Here’s my (edited) pitch:

“Spring is a dreamy picture book that unfolds the wonder of Spring for 3-5 year olds and their parents and grandparents. This lyrical poem has sun-drenched illustrations and is designed to be read over and over at bedtimes. This 32 page book has the feeling of Goodnight Moon.”

Author and Co-illustrator, Jeannine Gerkman.

Published by Dog Ear Publishing and available on Amazon.com and BN.com.