COVID-19 in 2020

We started out the year
With loads and loads of hope
Today it’s only March
But we’re wondering how we’ll cope

We’re facing a pandemic
That’s grown exponentially
A unique global crisis
As all the world can see

We’re blocking off our borders
The grocery shelves are bare
We’re hunkering down in isolation
We’ve had quite a scare

To display love for our neighbors
We stay at least six feet away
Wash our hands assiduously
And won’t forget to pray…

For the essential people at the front lines
Helping and coping as we speak
Manufacturers providing PPEs,
ventilators, test kits — Flattening the peak

The doctors, nurses, police and media
Working hard to keep us informed and secure
The families who’ve lost loved ones
To help them to endure

The teachers teaching remotely
Children home from schools
Restaurant workers adapting
Creatively living within new rules

These days of social distancing
Let’s socially reconnect
Through Zoom, Team, calls and letters
Give encouragement and respect

Tell your friends, family and clients
That you love and wish them well
Hope they’re healthy, happy and safe
Sequestered for this spell

Spend time with your family
And let them know they’re dear
Follow CDC’s instructions
And we’ll last another year.

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