Quarantine Musings

I suspect many of us will look back at this “shelter in place” with nostalgia. Not to say there isn’t danger and stress and anxiety, but when we look back on this time of forced isolation; we’ll remember the extra hours we spent with family, gazed fondly at our friends’ and colleagues’ faces on Zoom or Team or Skype, watched animals frolic on live cams, experimented with that old forgotten recipe, laughed at memes on Facebook, waved at neighbors and deliverymen as we took our daily walks (careful to stay six feet away).

The “pause” button has been pushed. We can look at it as a worry or we can look at it as a gift. Children are home with their parents. Kind of like the “snow days” when I was a little kid in Seattle. Everyone stayed home. We enjoyed each other’s company, played in the snow… Time – a precious gift – has given us space to re-evaluate priorities, strengthen bonds of love, and do things we’ve always been meaning to do (just as long as it doesn’t involve leaving the house). Let’s treasure it.

1 thought on “Quarantine Musings”

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    We’ve learned to live with a “new normal” and adapt. The Monterey Bay is still closed to the public, but their cameras are up and running. My favorite is the one focused on the Pacific Ocean. I put it on in the background while working and the sound of the waves is sooo soothing. Hope you and yours are safe and well.


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